Who is Tidy Brown Wren

Hi, I'm Kelly, aka, the Tidy Brown Wren. I enjoy helping my clients create a home they love without spending a lot of money.

For my staging clients, I help in two different ways. I work with clients to stage their home with their own items, if they choose. I work in clients' vacant homes to stage with vignette's in each room so furniture does not have to be rented.

For organizing, I call myself an Organizing Coach. I coach my clients as I work alongside them because I believe they need to be a part of the process. Think of it like having a personal trainer at the gym- it doesn't work if the trainer is the only one who does the exercises. I love getting to know my clients and helping to guide them through the organizing process. Every step is customized - from scheduling my visits to placement of belongings.

So who is Kelly? First of all, I'm a Christ follower. I enjoy spending every morning in God's Word, hearing what He has to say to me. I'm happily married to my husband of 37 years. We have 3 grown children and 5 grandchildren. I love living in our little country house surrounded by organic gardens and our goats and chickens. In my spare time, I love to cook, read, garden, and craft. I'm always dreaming of the next camping adventure we get to take.

So what about the name Tidy Brown Wren? Well, wrens are industrious and busy little birds that are prone to nest anywhere. They aren't fancy or exotic. They use what is available around them to make their nests. I think that pretty much describes me.

So if you are ready to get to work and need someone to coach you or stage for you, contact me to set up a free consultation.